Diversification is a bedrock principle of investing. It is a strategy of mixing various types of investments within your portfolio. Diversifying your investments means spreading your money across different categories such as asset classes, industries, sectors, and companies. This can help mitigate the risks and ultimately lower your overall risk. It is another way of saying, ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.

Here are 5 interesting ways you can diversify your portfolio with Acredius!

1. Invest in businesses with varying categories of risk

At Acredius, all businesses are required to go through a risk assessment before being published…

Crowdlending has tremendously altered the landscape of lending and borrowing money. Whether individuals are seeking consumer loans or business owners looking for a financial boost — digital loans have made funding more accessible to everyone.

For investors, Crowdlending also offers an alternative way to invest effortlessly. When choosing a platform to invest on, there are some factors you should keep in mind. To name a few, here are 7 tips on how to select the right Crowdlending platform for you.

1. Transparent platforms are trustworthy
You should look for platforms that are transparent and have no hidden fees. …

Definition12 AG is a medical software company, producing apps that aim to better the quality of life. Since launching their own products in 2016, they have helped over 2,000 cancer patients in monitoring their health. We were privileged to have played a role in Definition12’s capital boost for such a noble cause. Here is our interview with Beat Gersbach, CEO and founder of Definition12. This is his story.

Why were you so determined in creating medical apps? What was your motivation behind this?

Driven by my own personal loss, I was spearheaded into making my mark in the medical industry. Hence, Definition12 was born. …

By the end of the 90s and the early 2000s, the Peer to Peer model just started to emerge on the internet. At that time Myriam just began her career in Switzerland in the marketing department of UBS. After five years in this corporate environment, she decided to do a clear cut and move on to the digital area. More specifically, in the marketing department of Tamedia. After ten years she moved on to become the CEO of Lendico (Schweiz) AG. …

MYBOX is a services company specialized in renting self-storage spaces. It is operating for more than a decade with constant growth and currently offers around 700 storage spaces spread over seven locations in Switzerland. At Acredius, we had the chance to help this aspiring business achieve its growth acceleration goal. In this interview, Mr. Gasser, CEO and Founder of MYBOX, is telling us more about his journey and how Acredius helped him to receive a loan needed to open new facilities and invest in the brand.

Mr. Gasser, first of all, thank you very much for taking the time today to answer a few questions about your experience as a borrower in the Acredius platform. I would like you to tell us more about your business. How does MYBOX serve its clients?

Mr. Gasser: While I was studying economics at the University of Zurich, I started…

“An image is worth a thousand words”

It’s a saying we’ve all heard before and from the content on our newsfeed, it’s easy to see how it’s true. As we scroll, we are bombarded with images with little to no text on them.

In the evolution of the most popular social media platforms, we’ve gone from Facebook, where written posts were all the jam, to Instagram, where pictures are not only the focal point of the platform but their aesthetic quality is expected to be excellent. Autoplay features on these platforms have made videos ubiquitous and vital, and in fact…

Crowdfunding allows projects to be funded directly by a large group of people, the “crowd”, without any expectations of financial returns. In crowdlending, a large number of unrelated people lend small amounts directly to a small business in exchange for a financial return through a commercial loan agreement.

In this episode of the “Do you speak Crowdlending?” podcast, I had the pleasure to welcome Michael Boge, CFO of Cashare. Michael, 52 years old, talks about his life journey and Cashare’s impact on the financial industry.

At Acredius, we use alternative data to constantly enhance our proprietary credit risk scorecard. One of the sources we use is Twitter. Tweets have proven to be more powerful than we think when it comes to understanding trends. Associated with proper machine learning techniques, one can get great insights. As a “fun” project, we wanted to see what people think about our industry. So, we investigated the overall opinion about “crowdlending”.

Generally speaking, we form our own opinion based on several factors. They can be personal, for instance, our past experiences, or our current understanding. …

In 2014, Simon Amrein observed that several projects were been financed on the internet. As a senior research associate at the Luzern Business School, he became interested and tried to gain some insights. It resulted in the first Crowdfunding monitor publication describing the newly emerged crowdfunding phenomenon.

For the first episode of our new podcast, “Do you speak crowdlending?”, I had the pleasure to interview Simon, who generously provided a lot of insights about the crowdlending industry. …

One challenge startups are facing nowadays is to hire talented people. Understanding what attracts candidates and their expectations would help to better tailor job offers and therefore increases the interest of candidates. We applied one of the machine learning techniques, namely text mining methods to figure this out.

Candidates applying for a job or an internship at a startup are appealed to the unique environment that only a startup can provide. Working in a dynamic and challenging team, meeting people and learning new skills are according to our research what makes startups appealing. Indeed, candidates are mainly looking for building…

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