Introducing the Crowdlending industry with Simon Amrein

In 2014, Simon Amrein observed that several projects were been financed on the internet. As a senior research associate at the Luzern Business School, he became interested and tried to gain some insights. It resulted in the first Crowdfunding monitor publication describing the newly emerged crowdfunding phenomenon.

For the first episode of our new podcast, “Do you speak crowdlending?”, I had the pleasure to interview Simon, who generously provided a lot of insights about the crowdlending industry. He explained the process of being financed via a crowdlending platform, shared his thoughts on the current situation of crowdlending in Switzerland and also gave some advice for lenders and borrowers.

In the following parts, I summarized the main points from our full conversation, which is available here.

Crowdlending? PtoP? Peer to Peer? What is crowdlending, according to Simon?

To avoid the confusion between different verticals of crowdfunding, one should focus on what the investor is getting back for his funds. If it’s a product, it’s crowdfunding. If it’s equity then it’s crowdinvesting. If there is nothing in return, we are speaking about crowddonating and last, if the investor gets back interest, then it’s crowdlending.

How to get financed from a crowdlending platform?

What are the crowdlending figures in Switzerland?

What would you advise lenders and borrowers to do before joining this industry?

Listen to the full conversation with Simon, and stay tuned for the next episode!

“Do you speak crowdlending?”

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